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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Tables and DEAL ALERT

   Ok so here is the deal, when we bought our house we took measurement of our bedroom to make sure our new furniture would fit. Well it did, but we had to put it on the window wall. After living with it this way for 18 months we learned a few things. Not only was it hard to open the drawers to the dresser because the bed was too close, but one of the night stands was over the vent.

 Hot summer + vent covered= one HOT Momma!

   Well 2 weeks ago I had ENOUGH, and I moved my bed on the "bed wall" The one without a door or window on it. We LOVED it, the room opened up so much! The dresser has lots of space, but ( I know there is always a BUT) something was off. Only one night stand would fit and our closet doors open. :( I was really bummed for a day or two, but then Greg said lets just get new tables. I LOVE this man! After searching the web, and craigslist for days I found these babies at Target for $27.99. ( I was going to add a link to target, but they repriced them to $70.00 again) We looked at them last year when they were $75 and loved them, so to find them on clearance and still in stock was a huge surprise! ( and major blessing) Here they are in the room!

P.S. They came already put together :) SCORE!!!

From August 23, 2011

Here they are in the room!

From August 23, 2011

I cant wait to get all the art done for over the tables and bed. I might even get new lamps :) I will be back soon to share with you the art project I am doing. Taking old Safari pictures and making them Cottage Chic!

here is a peek of just the frames ;)

From August 23, 2011

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  1. What is the color of paint on your wall at the head of your bed? I love what you did and really love your paint color too.

    Hope you visit my blog. I do monthly giveaways and several are going on now and others starting soon.

    I get so much inspiration by visiting these blogs. Ladies you all have Talent.



  2. @Chris
    Thnak you! I looked at so many swatches and we went with Sea Turtle by walmart. I just had it color matched at Lowes.

    Jeni@ Becoming Martha

  3. Very pretty. I like your little lamps, too (:

  4. Lovin' those target tables...awesome deal you got there. Please be sure to put my party button or blog name with a link back to my blog...thanks:)


  5. Fantastic deal on those tables! I like the frames, too.

  6. Love the tables and such a great deal you grabbed!! I wanted to thank you again for the inspiration to start blogging and share my page with you!! I am at


    Thanks on more time and I will continue to follow you!!