I cant tell you how many times I have heard the words " You are such a Martha Stewart" (haha) I just love crafting, diy, painting, sewing, and home decorating. It gives me great satisfaction to look around my house and say " I MADE THAT!"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Felt Owl Masks

   Hey guys! While the kids are taking their nap, I wanted to share with you a cute project we made today! Felt owl masks. I saw Tatertots and Jello feature a cute little girl owl mask on Facebook from Sew Craft Create. I knew right away I could make the kids one! It didn't even cost a thing, I just used craps of felt and material I had on hand.

  First I made my mask out of paper to test out the size and where the eyes needed to be. I always fold my paper down the middle and trace half of the face. That way your mask is perfectly symmetrical! Here is what my paper pattern looked like.

  Next I just started cutting and layering pieces using iron-on No Sew. Once I liked the look I used my sewing machine to add the elastic, and a few decorative stitching details. Here is what I came up with!

Cole's Mask

Abby's Mask

  Here are a couple cute pictures of the kids playing with them! Abby's favorite thing about her mask is that it had make-up on. ha ha She is just too cute and so girlie!!!

  It only took about an hour to do both masks. They had a blast playing with them and I really enjoyed making them too! I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend! :)

* I finished the cabinets, now I just want to sew my new curtain and add a few accessories before the big reveal!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Preview

  Hey guy! I wanted to stop in and share with you a few photos of what I have been working on. ;) It  all started with a trip to Lowes and some clearance tile. Which I scored for 3.80 per sheet! (fist pump) haha. Then I walked by a display for Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. After watching the short video they played I was hooked! (I just love the product and I am not getting paid or anything) ;)

   I went home and spent the next 2 hours going through the testimonial picture submitted by costumers. Next came the hard part, choosing what color to paint my cabinets! They had a huge selection of color options from dark to light. I went back to Lowes the next day and had the kit mixed to Pure White. Then I decide if I was going to commit to putting up a back splash and painting my cabinets, I might as well go all in, and beef up the trim on the cabinets a little!

  Here is a little preview of my Kitchen Redo so far...


Here is your sneak peek of the After!!!

I have so much more to do, but I am hoping to be done and share all the details with YOU next week!