I cant tell you how many times I have heard the words " You are such a Martha Stewart" (haha) I just love crafting, diy, painting, sewing, and home decorating. It gives me great satisfaction to look around my house and say " I MADE THAT!"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paisley and Pokadots

  This week I have been working on my boot pattern and it was a big FLOP! :( Hopefully I will come back to it soon and try to tweak the pattern! Then I got the exciting news that my best friend Lauren had her sweet little girl! :D This brought me out of my sewing funk! Here is the gift set I make for sweet little Ms. Alana Kaylynn Smith. Did I mention how much I LOVE sewing baby things!?!

    I always start with the burp cloths. Designing them gives me a direction to go with the rest of the set. I even added two more new ideas, the newborn charm bracelet, and the CUTE sun bonnet!

  For this onesie I added ruffles to the bottom. I have always wanted to do that! I think they are just precious!

  Here is a close up of the burp cloths. I love how the lace really brings out the femaine qaulity of them! They look like they are were make for a princess (which they were ;) haha!).

Baby tutu's are so easy to make and I think they look so cute in pictures!!!

Here is a close up of the frayed rose hair pretty or tutu clip I made!

I like to cover the clip with ribbon, so that it has no hard edges on the baby.

My ruffled bottom onesie!!! I love it!

Did I tell you much I LOVE this bonnet!?! The pattern was so EASY!

Little baby ballet flats trimed in the same lace!

   I started beading too! It is so fun and it takes no time at all!

So what do you think, are you going to try to make a cute gift set for a little one in your life?

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Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Ruffled Denim Ballet Flats

   This week I sized up my pattern for Abigail's ballet flats, and figured out how to make a sole!!! I found thick shelf lining at Walmart, it sews wonderfully and adds a lot more sturdiness to the soles of her shoes. Here is a link to my pattern that I made for her shoes and the step by step instructions :) Ballet Flats Tutorial.  I also came up with a boot pattern that I will share soon!

  Abby was all about the sass today! haha I just have to laugh at these next few, two year olds...

 She is actually watching TV in this one haha.

  Not sure WHAT is going on here! LOL

Don't you want to smile pretty for Momma?

  I finally got a smile out of her when, Cole was being silly to make her laugh!

  Here are a few close-ups of these shoe, p.s. Did I tell you that I am just in LOVE with them. They seriously make me want to make a pair for myself! haha Her shoe collection is bigger than mine!

  This pattern is super easy and I can whip out a pair in about an hour! Not to shabby if I do say so myself. I went to Hancock Fabric's today and picked up so cute material to play with over the weekend! Hopefully I will have some cute BOOTS to show off next week!!! Wish me luck.

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