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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From Drab to Fab Kitchen

 I am back! Thank you all for the sweet comments and encouragement while my husband was overseas this past year! It is so nice to have him back home again, and things are finally getting back to normal. I have so many projects to share with you. I cant believe it has been 6 months since I redid my kitchen! Let me just say I am still completely in LOVE with my new kitchen, it brights up my whole house. It is also the first thing you see when you walk through our front door, and boy does it make a statement! On to the pictures...

Here are some Before pictures.

  It was so dark in my kitchen even in the middle of the day!  The dark finish of the cabinets was worn and faded. You can see I found cute 1x2 glass subway tiles at Lowe's for under $4 each! That was my jumping off point. After I started taking down the wallpaper back splash, I found the motivation I needed to just redo it all!

  I did all the tile in just one night after the kids went to bed! :) I used my Dremel tool with a diamond edge blade to cut the glass tiles. Since I used 1x2 tiles on a mesh backing, there wasn't very many cuts to make. You can just pop out the tiles in the way of outlets and trim the others.

  After the tile was done I knew I need to work on the cabinets next. I was so happy to cut down the ugly scallop over my window that attached my cabinets together and add bigger case molding around the top. I think besides the paint that was the biggest change to my kitchen! Ladies get RID OF THOSE SCALLOPS!!! haha
  After looking at a TON of pictures and reviews, I decided to go with the rustoleum cabinet transformations kit. (if you click the link it will take you to the website. You can look at other peoples reviews, before and after pictures, and sample colors!) I bought one kit at Lowe's for $80 in the Pure White finish. I used a walnut stain pen to add the detail around the doors and on the molding. I loved the way it looked without the glaze, so I opted not to use it.
Here are some After pictures...

The before pictures are from when we bought our house three years ago. Look how light and bright it is NOW!!! It is just such a big difference! :)  The finish just gives a warm glow, and washes wonderfully! After 6 months there are no marks, and that is with two kids and a dog!

What do you think of my LESS than $200 makeover?


  1. I think you need to come redo ours. :) Too bad we rent. I hate all our white walls and plainness. Great job!

    1. I am blessed in that my landlord will pay for the material and we just have to do the work! Maybe you could check that out?

      All the best,


  2. This is great! The kitchen was so awful before and the after is great! Have you checked out Schoolhouse Electric Company? They have amazing light fixtures you may like.

  3. I love the color on those tiles! Do you remember the name of them? Your kitchen is very similar in color to ours, we even used the same Rustoleum paint.

  4. Wow, great transformation! The space is so much brighter, love it.

  5. Gorgeous!! I have been looking at these kits and wondering if we could pull it off... I would love to know how long it took you to do the cabinets and if you did it by yourself?? Any tips?

  6. What a tremendous challenge so very well done.

  7. Hi! I found your post on the rustoleum website and since you used the same colors that I'm considering for my own kitchen, I thought I'd check out your blog. :) Could you give some more details about the pen you used for the details, and at what step you did that? The photos aren't close up enough for me to tell exactly what was done, but I love the look you achieved! Thanks so much!

  8. Just Beautiful! And very inspiring too. Did you do the inside of the cupboards? I am going to redo my worn oak cabinets in white...but am dreading the painting part...ESP the insides. Everyone tells me I have to do the insides or I won't be happy later. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. WOW!! Looks like a completely differant place!!! Good job!!

  10. Thank you...I just bought almost the exact backsplash tiles AND a smaller cabernet colored RUSTOLEUM cabinet kit on clearance at Lowe's. I am going to redo my bathroom first before moving on to the kitchen. Thank you for the inspiration to get stated!!

  11. WOW what a change, and great job you did. You must have lots or energy to have tackled this job by yourself. But I bet your husband was surprised and happy and wowed by the job you did. FABULOUS!!

  12. They look amazing!
    \Now that it has been 3 years, how have the cabinet held up? Would you do anything different?

  13. Awesome article! Thank you for this article.