I cant tell you how many times I have heard the words " You are such a Martha Stewart" (haha) I just love crafting, diy, painting, sewing, and home decorating. It gives me great satisfaction to look around my house and say " I MADE THAT!"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Update) DIY Ric Rac Cuff Sheets

   Hello my friends! First of all I am so thankful for each of you!!! The prayers, love, support, and encouragement means so much to me! You inspire me to keep writing and crafting, so THANK YOU!!!
  Today I washed all the bedding in our house, and I realized I never gave you an update on Abby's Ric Rac Cuff Sheets. Well they have held up GREAT in the wash, and still look GREAT! I just finished making her bed and taking some new photos of her room. I think I am going to work on the headboard next :D I also had a friend of mine add Abigail to her pillowcase, just like the Pottery Barn Kid's set. Here they are together...

 Here is my set which cost $16 with embroidery...

Here is the Pottery Barn Kid's set for $101.50

Here are a couple of shots with her bed made :D


  Have you made your little sweetie a set yet???? I think they are so much better than her plain old white sheets :D Hope you all are productive this weekend! I know I am going to be!

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  1. Abigail's bed is just beautiful. I love your design way more than the PB one!

  2. I even have a machine that embroiders - why have I not done this yet? Absolutely cute!

  3. Beautiful bedroom! The ric rac looks so cute! Thanks for being a part of our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to see you again real soon!! -The Sisters