I cant tell you how many times I have heard the words " You are such a Martha Stewart" (haha) I just love crafting, diy, painting, sewing, and home decorating. It gives me great satisfaction to look around my house and say " I MADE THAT!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trash or Treasure

 "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

  This morning as I left to get some errands done I noticed my neighbor had a huge pile of stuff next to his trash can. I don't know about you but seeing that huge pile got me so excited! I got this overwhelming urge to run sneak over and dig through it! Haha! Well, sadly, I had to do a few things in town first, but I just knew the pile of treasures would be there waiting for me...


  I hurried through my shopping and raced back home, obeying all traffic laws along the way  ;-), to find...SOMEONE DIGGING IN MY TRASH! I mean...treasures. So I hung my head and went into the house to put my groceries away.  I maybe peeked out the window every two minutes to see if they were GONE! (Please tell me I am not the only treasure hunter out there)

   Finally they were gone! So I politely went up to Mr. Neighbor's door, rang the bell, and asked if I could look through his pile of goodies. Of course he said go ahead, and here is what I found!


I am so excited to share their transformation with you over the next few weeks! I <3 free stuff!

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  1. Hi - it's my first time visiting your site :)
    I love finding random stuff on the side of the road. Except I always seem to be with the Husband, and he doesn't ever want to stop!!