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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging Around the House

Rose Balls tutorial:

 I am so in love with these hanging beauties! I have made them for birthday parties, dinners, and just for that pop of fun in a room. In Abby's room I have a set of 5 hanging over her crib (now toddler bed).


 I found this cool idea from Shelley on her blog   The House of Smiths. To start you are going to need 1 roll of crepe paper per ball for the small-medium ones, and 2 rolls for the large ones. For the base I used Styrofoam balls I bought at Micheal's with a 40% off coupon. I have used plastic T- Balls from the dollar store as well. They come in a pack of 5 so it is a great deal!


To make the roses, cut strips about 16 inch long.  After your strips are cut, you start to roll the center of the rose starting at one end. As you build your rose you are going to began to twist and wrap around the center you have created. Use your hot glue gun and dab the back under the folds to keep things tightly together. Make Roses as full as you like. Glue down the end of the crepe paper to the backside. Repeat this process with the rest of your strips.


Once you get a few do you can start hot gluing them to the ball, but make sure to group them tightly together. Using a roll of tape keeps the ball balanced so your hands are free. Cover ball completely.


After all the ball is covered, I hot glued ribbon on the top.  Add a bow over the nail on the ceiling, and your done!

From Becoming martha pictures

I  also added little sprigs of pearls on my balls.


That's it! The possibilities are endless! The fun part is you can make them any color or size you want. So have fun with it!

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  1. Very cute would be cute with hearts too...........

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! Just love them. Your baby room is beautiful too, btw!!!! love the bedding and the "A" decal on the wall!!!

    Kammy's Korner

  3. Adorable!! So Sweet! What a simple but clever Idea! I'm your newest follower! check out my blog if you'd like

  4. These are so cute! I'm going to decorate my daughter's room soon and I just might have to make a few of these. Thanks for sharing :) I just found you at The Shabby Nest and I'm your newest follower!

  5. LOVE your baby Abigail's room. I am currently doing a brown and cream damask room with pink accents for my baby girl Abigail Grace!!! Such a coincidence that I happened to find your blog :) Like you I love to sew, embellish, DIY, and decorate. To date I have built my daughters toddler bed and upholstered the head and footboards. I am currently working on upholstering the side rails and finishing up her matching bedding. I love that you document all your project wish I had the time to blog.

  6. @Chelsea
    That is so neat! Great minds think a like ;) I was just telling my husband I wanted to DIY her twin bed and make an upholstered head board! You NEED to start a blog it is not that bad. I write mostly at night after the kids are a sleep. I figured, I was doing the projects any how. I might as well get them out there to be seen! ;) Also it's nice to go back and look at all you have done over the month!

    Thank you for your sweet comments,
    Jeni @ Becoming Martha

  7. I am still confused about how to make the roses.. I even tried it and it is just not coming out right.